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Trespassers W.

The Fic List

The unofficial fic dump. Come here for all your poorly-updated fic needs. Also may include one or two of my WIPs.

That Chaptered Jazz

On the symbiotic relationship: [Naruto, Ino/Shikamaru]
Somehow they ended up doing everything backward. M.
Updated Nov/13, 6/7 chapters - all here

A Lighter Logic: [Naruto, Shikamaru/Ino]
One small favor may not have seemed like a lot to ask for, but for Shikamaru, there was no such thing as a good road trip. Especially when Ino was involved. PG-13

The ShikaIno fic that no one seems to like. It also started my unhealthy downward spiral; featuring a pretentious kind of verbosity There's lots of coffee. AU and ongoing, second-most prevalent in my brain as of right now.  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The Unorthodox Arts of War: [Naruto, Shikamaru/Ino)
The important rite of passage for kunoichi was an ancient, time-honored tradition, and the culmination of their learned arts of seduction. This was all very good and well...

Ino just really, really wished they could switch partners.
M now, NC-17 later (?)

Chapter 1: The LotteryChapter 2: The Mission, Chapter 3: The Client, Chapter 4: The Infiltration, Chapter 5: The Long Night

The Life Aquatic: [Hot Gimmick, Shinogu/Hatsumi, Kazama/Akane]
Things start to look different from this side of the aquarium.  Kazama and Shinogu, on falling in love adjacently. PG

My beloved first-born. Also my favorite manga ever, and nothing you can say about misogynistic male leads and rape attempts will sway me. (Shut up, okay? That's why I'm writing Shinogu/Hatsumi.) This story will read as a set of disjointed parts rather than a more coherent, plotty storyline. Expect very infrequent updates :( Part 1

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