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Trespassers W.

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The Fic List [02 Jun 2015|08:49am]
The unofficial fic dump. Come here for all your poorly-updated fic needs. Also may include one or two of my WIPs.

Where we're atCollapse )
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On the symbiotic relationship [21 Nov 2013|06:14pm]
This is the home stretch! One (or two) more chapters to go. Read all about it here.
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The Unorthodox Arts of War (Chapter 5) ZOMG [04 Nov 2008|03:00pm]

So... hi? I know, I know. I've been unforgivably AWOL for the longest time and I'm sorry, really! Insert the same medley of excuses here, paired with the fact that I was sort of not reading Naruto for a little while (which is now remedied, thank goodness).

But anyway. Here's another chapter for any of the wonderful people that are still following this.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

The Long NightCollapse )
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The Unorthodox Arts of War (Ch. 4/?), The Infiltration [09 Jun 2008|08:11am]

Disclaimer: Naruto is the property of Kishimoto Masashi.
A/N: Fine, so it's not like I've broken the sound barrier with my updating speed here, but this is like a record for me. 


The InfiltrationCollapse )
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The Unorthodox Arts of War Chapter 3: The Client [30 May 2008|04:46pm]
 AAAAAAAAAND, it's done. I had so much trouble with this chapter, guys, seriously. I don't even know why. I have the bulk of the next few chapters completely fleshed out, but maybe it couldn't been the fact that the content below isn't as couple-centric as the rest of the story.

I have big, update-related plans. Seriously. Stay with me, pretty please? 

The Client
This chapter? PG ish. The story? M.

Unbetaed. If you catch any errors, pardon my godless ways and drop me a line.

Part Four
Part Two
Part One

An unexpected reunion.Collapse )
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A Lighter Logic, Part 4 [21 Apr 2008|10:09am]

My muse and I suffered an extremely long time-out, one that regrettably still has yet to finish. But seriously. This puppy comes on the heels of a super glorious AHA moment, in which I took a careful look at my transcript and decided that no, my major does not read masochist, and I should take a break and write something. YAY. 

Anyway, getting to the good(?) stuff: 

A Lighter Logic, chapter 4

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Argh, etc. [07 Jan 2008|11:49am]

Received a semi-snarky rag on my lack of updates and dude, I am so sorry. Really. Not angry or even bristly or anything of the like (well, fine, maybe a little -- let's not lie here) because I know I'm a dirty, dirty slacker. 

On the bright side, though, first semester's ass has now been thoroughly kicked (I'm still in denial about the current one. Check back in four months) so I'm taking this brief (brief. Really, insanely brief) reprieve to catch up on my multi-chaptered babies.  Or at least one of them. Success is all about taking the first step, right? 

You know. Just in case anyone cares.

See this icon? This is my YEARNING icon. You know, for a marginal decrease in flightiness. There is no other circumstance for which it would be more appropriate. 

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The Unorthodox Arts of War (2/?) [10 Oct 2007|11:46am]

Chapter 2 is done!  Sorry folks, this is a little heavier on the adventure than the romance, but bear with me!

Chapter 3
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The Unorthodox Arts of War (1/?) [03 Oct 2007|05:17am]
The Unorthodox Arts of War
Pairings:  Ino/Shikamaru
Disclaimer:  Naruto belongs to Kishimoto Masashi.
A/N: Am totally still working on a Lighter Logic, so don't worry... just wanted to figure out if I could really write without the bells and whistles, and what better than a porny fic?  You know the drill: reading is not simply a spectator sport.  Enjoy!
Summary:  The important rite of passage for kunoichi was an ancient, time-honored tradition, and the culmination of their learned arts of seduction. This was all very good and well...

Ino just really, really wished they could switch partners.

Part 2
Part 3
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A Lighter Logic (3/?) [21 Aug 2007|08:41pm]
A Lighter Logic (3/?)
Not mine.
AU, Gen/Romance, WIP, Shikamaru/Ino
Summary:  One little favor may not have seemed like much to ask for, but in Shikamaru's opinion, there was no such thing as a good roadtrip.  Especially when Ino was involved.

Part One
Part Two

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A Lighter Logic (2/?) [11 Aug 2007|06:23pm]

A Lighter Logic (2/?)
  Naruto=Kishimoto's awesome ninja brainchild.  I?  Am not quite as awesome. 
Summary:  One little favour may not have seemed like much to ask for, but in Shikamaru's opinion, there was no such thing as a good roadtrip.  Especially when Ino was involved.  

Part One here.


Argh... written in one blinding go, so pardon the errors. Reviews still warrant... um, a good word to heaven if I get there first? ♥
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A Lighter Logic, Part 1 [08 Aug 2007|12:57pm]

A Lighter Logic 
Canon the original bonafide property of one Kishimoto M. 
AU, Gen/Romance, WIP, Shikamaru/Ino
Summary:  One small favor may not seem like a lot to ask for, but in Shikamaru's book, there was no such thing as a good road-trip.

More? Reviews will rock my world indefinitely. ♥  

Part 2 here.
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