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Argh, etc.

Received a semi-snarky rag on my lack of updates and dude, I am so sorry. Really. Not angry or even bristly or anything of the like (well, fine, maybe a little -- let's not lie here) because I know I'm a dirty, dirty slacker. 

On the bright side, though, first semester's ass has now been thoroughly kicked (I'm still in denial about the current one. Check back in four months) so I'm taking this brief (brief. Really, insanely brief) reprieve to catch up on my multi-chaptered babies.  Or at least one of them. Success is all about taking the first step, right? 


The Unorthodox Arts of War Chapter 3 and possibly chapter 4.
Frankly? I think I got a little overambitious with this one... I mean seriously, less wordy? SURELY YOU JEST. I keep losing track of where I want it to go. But there's a good three-quarters worth of chapter 3 written up, so I figure I should just go with the flow and see where that takes me. And plus, it seems to be the only one of all my crap that anyone sort of likes. (It's the porn, right? It's gotta be the porn. Or at least the promise of... Clearly, I should stick it in everything.)

Resistance is Futile One shot, GEN/HUMOR
In which Sakura has a date. Now, this would all be good and well, if she hadn't forgotten to tell Ino. 
Once upon a time (fine... this morning. When I started writing it) this was called Shikamaru's Really, Really, Really, Superlatively Bad Day... but despite what they say about eschewing obfuscation, that's just awful. Anyway. This one's likely to get out first.


Full of Grace (Cowboy Bebop one-shot) Tuesday's child is.
Finally, finally tackling this series, which is the undefeated world champion of my heart. This has sort of been in progress for months now, written in pieces on gum wrappers and the like. If it ever gets near the point of vaguely doing it justice, I'll put it up. Fingers crossed.

The Life Aquatic (Parts 2 and 3: Tripping the Light Fantastic and The Price of Tea in China)
AKA: my baby. This may end up as a very disjointed set of 'parts' over chapters (I'm afraid I've lost my linear vision for this...) but seriously. Falling in love in HG is like the most dysfunctional thing ever. 

A Lighter Logic (Chapter 4)
I know, I know. This is written like a freaking dictionary. I'm trying to work on cleaning up my prose here. When I do, the number one thing on my list is tackling this story, because it's one very dear to my heart and I've got some grand plans for it.

Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip-Hop Like This) (Samurai Champloo one-shot)
Sort-of request for  somekindofen, to bring her out of hiding. Even if it takes stealing her fantabulous ideas. 

You know. Just in case anyone cares.

See this icon? This is my YEARNING icon. You know, for a marginal decrease in flightiness. There is no other circumstance for which it would be more appropriate. 

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